Kendra Siviero

Natural History

"I try to find what even in worst thing is beatiful ,
paint how i feel and understand nature in her deeper way"

Botanical illustrations aim to be scientifically accurate, and depict the identifying characteristic features of each plant.

After a live study and research of the species I take various sketch and notes including measurements and accurate colour matching to the specimen.i usally take also a lot of photo reference in different view for a better comprehension.

I love to focus on different life stage, and watch particurarly how light shine through the subject.

peony paint illustration iris paint illustration waterlily paint illustration poppy paint illustration
orchid paint illustration cherry paint illustration spices paint illustration spices paint illustration

My other works are inspired by natural world and aim to capture the beauty, balance and relations of nature’s forms.

i love make an accurate research of every species including habitat, dimorphism, life cicle and morphological peculiarities. With the help of comparative anatomy i understand how it works and show it in my illustrations.

I love how every creature have something special and unique.

bullfinch paint illustration frosone bird paint illustration migliarino bird paint illustration finch paint illustration
insects paint illustration insects paint illustration ibex gran paradiso paint illustration squirrel rabbit dear marmot paint illustration
discus and tropical fish paint illustration loaches and african fish paint illustration fennec life cycle paint illustration

Pet Portrait

pet portrait dog pet portrait dog pet portrait dog black pepper

rabbit children illustration gulliver and the wasp children illustration gulliver in lilliput children illustration gosth and sailors children illustration
gosth and sailors children illustration alice fall in the rabbit hole children illustration alice see the garden children illustration pinocchio cover children illustration
holes cover children illustration angry lady of holes children illustration sam and the donkey holes children illustration two friends climb the mountain, holes children illustration


  • Kendra graduate in 2001 in scientific diploma couse
  • Between 2002 and 2003 study chemistry
  • From 2004 until 2008 study at Albertina Academy graphic art course
  • In 2012 graduate at International Comics illustrator after 3 years course
  • After follow different course in graphic,packaging and web design
  • In 2018 follow the NewCastle Natural History Illustration course

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